When I started my business, I knew I needed a website and luckily found Gregg! I did not want to spend thousands of dollars, which everyone said I would have to do. Gregg not only created an amazing website for me, but taught me how to make changes, ad photos etc., which is incredible helpful. Most website designers not only charge a fortune, but also have total control, so when you want to make an edit or update…once again they get paid. I am truly grateful that Gregg created such an incredible site for me, which has generated a lot of business and still looks great. I highly recommend him! – Nicole K


Gregg has been a tremendous help in getting my web site off the ground. I’m a freelance writer and about two years ago, I began to look for a way to showcase my work. I didn’t know where to start. I had tried different options such as web consultants and online outfits, but found all to be too pricey, impersonal or both. Then I found Gregg. He took my vision and worked with me to build a colorful, friendly site. Along the way, he has also been a patient teacher, showing me how to use the site and help it grow. He is always there to promptly answer questions or to work out any glitches. And his fees are very reasonable. I’m so glad I found him! – Michelle F


I am a general contractor in the Southern Vermont website. Gregg designed my website and also keeps it updated. He is a talented designer and is extremely responsive when we ask for changes or updates. I highly recommend his services. – John R


I have 2 web sites through Vermont web designer and am very pleased with this company Gregg goes above and beyond and when you need something it’s basically taken care of in couple hours weather it’s changing content or adding videos he never comes up short I’ve seen a 40% increase in business since using his company and couldn’t be more happy when you use Gregg you’re getting a person not a corporate company and he makes it so easy to start the websites and he maintains them I never even have to think about that part of my company it’s awesome thanks Gregg !!!! – Miles L


I met Gregg recently while on a chair lift at Bromley. After initial introductions, I found him very easy to talk to. We each shared what we did for work and before the lift ride was over, we had exchanged contact info and had a plan to follow up on our conversation about my needs for a better website. Since then, Gregg has been very responsive and has followed through promptly on everything he said he would do. I am very pleased with the site he built and remain confident that he will keep up with any changes I request. I had been searching for over a year for a competent, reliable and reasonably priced website builder. I am so grateful for that chance meeting that day at Bromley. – Matt G